Simple member, data & money management

The easiest way to collect and manage data, increase revenue and grow your membership.

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Easily import your data to get started

Hassle Free Import

We created a Simple Import Guide to help prepare your .CSV import file and save you time getting started.

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Your Groups, Your Roles

Assign custom roles and groups to your members and quickly setup your database around your organization's specific structure.

Custom Member Profiles

Whether it's academic, professional, event or other org-specific data, you can add Custom Field Sets to build out more robust member profiles.

Beyond Static Contact Cards

Invite your members to register with Groopt so they can access and update their member info, complete forms and make payments.

Goodbye manual data entry

Easily create forms to collect member info, event registrations, payments, surveys and more!

Our SmartSync fields improve submission rates and automatically update info on member profiles.

Invoice, Collect and Manage $$$

  • Invoicing Options Use invoices, forms and recurring payments to collect money for bills, donations, events, dues and more.

  • Mobile Payments Increase payments by allowing people to make payments from anywhere.

  • Track and Manage Quickly view all payment data directly from your member and group profiles.

Member Management Made Simple

  • Files

    Build Lifelong Relationships

    Record interactions on member profiles so you can strengthen relationships and grow your membership.

  • Tasks

    Mobile Form Submissions

    Make it easy for your members to complete forms from their mobile device.

  • Tracking

    No More SQL Queries

    Simplify your reporting with Smart Search and find the data you need without coding complex queries.

Your Data, Our Security

Your data is automatically backed up across multiple servers and regions with point-in-time restore. Which means, even if there's a Zombie Apocalypse, we have automatic failover protection to ensure your data's integrity and availability.

All connections to our platform are handled with 256-bit SSL; the same security used by your bank's online services.

Any sensitive information that you store in your database is encrypted using AES-256; that's military grade encryption - the Sun would burn out before someone cracks it.

Any payments made on our platform are done over an HTTPS connection and our payment processor offers complete compliance with the PCI DSS.

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